About us


Fluidnplus is a store created on August 2019. We sell some of the most sophisticated and useful drinking products that's on the market such as bottles, thermos, mug warmer and much more items just to improve your daily life. For us, the customer comes first at any cost. Because of it, we take the customer service seriously and we want to provide you the best experience every time you get an interaction with usWe are a hardworking team that is very passionate about what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve. Our long term goal is to create a community based around hydration and hydration related products so that all of our customers can benefit from it. 


Do you know more than 48% of people living in the top 5 countries drink less water then the recommended amount? Being dehydrated is one of the main reason why we have health issues that can affect our daily routine such as fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, dry skin, muscle cramps, bad breath, mood swings, body aches, headaches and much more.  Since our body is made around 60% of water, it's a human need to always be hydrated. 


We want to encourage more people to drink more by selling good quality products. We understand starting an healthy habit can be difficult at first, especially when it comes to hydration. But we must also remember it is also extremely vital to the human body.  According to the European Hydration Institute, depending on the many factors, it is recommended to drink up to 8 cups of water per day.


Let us help you with your journey to keeping yourself hydrated and healthy. Cheers !