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About the product

What if you can drink two different juices from the same bottle? With DoubleDrink, it is now possible!



Two Divided Sides

Imagine this. You're going a hike and you pack yourself a bottle of water, but you don't have enough space to pack your favourite strawberry smoothie. What in the world are you going to do? You can pack of them with DoubleDrink. With this bottle, enjoy drinking two of your favorite drinks in the same bottle. The bottle is separated in two , which is perfect to put different drinks. It has also two openings along with two straws in each sides. 



Safe and Secure

DoubleDrink is very convenient to travel with since nothing comes in and nothing comes out when it's closed. Made out polypropylene (PP) plastic, the sealing is strong enough to keep the lids and the bottle together even when it's held upside down. The bottle is dust-proof, which will prevent dust and grime from getting in your drinks. 

Dual Bottle is certified BPA Free, meaning drinking from it won't give you any negative health side affects.  




The Perfect Bottle to Share


The beauty of having two separated sides is it can be shared between two people. You can share the bottle with your significant other or with your closest friend, making it the perfect gift.




Capacity: 420ml/620 ml

Size: 23*7/19*6.5

Weight: 254g

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